CORPTEC a. s., ID: 27497224
Registered office: Bohuslavice 389, 549 06 Bohuslavice
Registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Regional Court in Hradec Králové, Section B, Entry 3825

The address of the company's registered office and email address are designated for handling complaints.

Additional contacts:
Tel: +420 608 183 817
Email: obchod@corptec.cz

Article 1
Introductory Provisions

1.1. The buyer's rights arising from defective performance (hereinafter referred to as "complaints") must always be asserted in accordance with this complaint procedure. Matters not regulated by this complaint procedure shall be governed by the legal order of the Czech Republic, in particular Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, as amended, and Act No. 634/1992 Coll., on consumer protection, as amended.
1.2. This information is exclusively valid for individuals entering into a purchase agreement with the seller as consumers within the meaning of Section 419 of the Civil Code, i.e., as a person (natural person) acting outside the scope of their business or outside the scope of the independent performance of their profession.
1.3. The right to defective performance does not apply to the buyer if they caused the defect themselves, or if the defect is wear and tear resulting from the usual use of the item or wear and tear corresponding to the extent of its previous use in the case of used items.

Article 2
Assertion of Complaint
2.1. The buyer has the right to assert a complaint with the seller at the address obchod@corptec.cz or at the company's registered office.
2.2. The complaint can also be asserted with a person designated for this purpose in the confirmation issued by the seller to the buyer, on the receipt, or in the warranty certificate, if the designated person is located at the seller's place or closer to the buyer's place.
2.3. The buyer is obliged to prove their right to assert a complaint, in particular, by demonstrating the date of purchase, either by presenting the sales document, confirmation of the seller's obligations arising from defective performance in the warranty certificate, or by another credible means.
2.4. If asserting the right from a defect would cause significant difficulties for the consumer, especially because the item cannot be transported to the place of asserting the complaint in the usual way, the seller will assess the defect in agreement with the buyer either on-site or by another means. In such a case, the buyer is obliged to provide the necessary cooperation to the seller.
2.5. The seller is obliged to issue a written confirmation to the buyer when asserting a complaint, stating the date on which the buyer asserted the complaint, its content, and the method of handling the complaint requested by the consumer, as well as the contact details of the buyer for the purpose of providing information on the handling of the complaint.

Article 3
Deadline for Exercising Rights
3.1. The buyer may object to a defect that becomes apparent in the item within two years of its receipt. For used goods, the deadline for exercising rights arising from defective performance can be shortened to one year. The seller will indicate such a shortening of the deadline in the confirmation of the seller's obligations arising from defective performance or on the sales document or include it in the purchase agreement.
3.2. The buyer will exercise their rights from defective performance without undue delay after discovering the defect in the item. The seller is not responsible for an increase in the scope of damage if the buyer uses the item, even though they are aware of the defect. If the buyer validly asserts a complaint against the seller, the deadline for exercising rights arising from defective performance does not run for the period during which the item is being repaired, and the buyer cannot use it.
3.3. The deadline for exercising rights from defects cannot be considered as setting the lifetime of the item; it varies depending on the characteristics of the product, its maintenance, and the correctness and intensity of use or an agreement between the buyer and the seller.

Article 4
Handling of Complaints
4.1. The complaint, including the elimination of defects, must be handled, and the consumer must be informed about it no later than 30 days from the date of asserting the complaint unless the seller and the consumer agree on a longer period. If the subject of the obligation is to provide digital content, including digital content supplied on a tangible medium, or a service of digital content, the complaint must be handled within a reasonable time, taking into account the nature of the digital content or service and the purpose for which the consumer requested it.
4.2. After the expiration of the deadline according to the previous paragraph, the consumer can withdraw from the contract or demand a reasonable discount.
4.3. The seller is obliged to issue the consumer a confirmation of the date and method of handling the complaint, including a confirmation of the repair and its duration, or a written justification for rejecting the complaint. This obligation also applies to other persons designated to perform the repair.
4.4. The buyer is not entitled to change the chosen method of handling the complaint without the consent of the seller, except in a situation where the chosen method of resolution cannot be carried out at all or in a timely manner.
4.5. The buyer is obliged to take over the complained goods within 30 days from the date the seller notified them of the possibility to take over the item. After this period, the seller is entitled to charge a reasonable storage fee. If the parties do not agree on its amount, the usual amount applies.

4.6. The complaint will be rejected if the buyer asserts a defect in the complaint that has already been objected to in the past, and for which a reasonable discount from the purchase price has been granted.

Article 5
Quality upon Receipt
5.1. The seller declares that the goods are handed over to the buyer in accordance with Section 2161 of the Civil Code, i.e.:
• The goods correspond to the agreed description, type, and quantity, as well as quality, functionality, compatibility, interoperability, and other agreed properties.
• The goods are suitable for the purpose for which the buyer requests them and to which the seller has agreed. The goods are delivered with the agreed accessories and instructions for use, including assembly or installation instructions.
5.2. The seller assures the buyer that in addition to the agreed properties:

       The goods are suitable for the purpose for which items of this kind are commonly used, taking into account the rights of third parties, legal regulations, technical standards, or codes of conduct of the industry if there are no technical standards.
    The goods, in terms of quantity, quality, and other properties, including lifespan, functionality, compatibility, and safety, correspond to the usual characteristics of items of the same kind that the buyer can reasonably expect, taking into account public statements made by the seller or another person in the same contractual chain, especially through advertising or labeling.
    The goods are supplied with accessories, including packaging, assembly instructions, and other instructions for use that the buyer can reasonably expect.
    The goods correspond in quality or performance to the agreed sample or model provided by the seller to the buyer before concluding the contract.

5.3. The seller is also responsible to the buyer for defects caused by incorrect assembly or installation performed by the seller or at their responsibility according to the contract. This applies even if the assembly or installation was carried out by the buyer, and the defect arose due to a deficiency in the instructions provided by the seller or the provider of digital content or digital content services, in the case of an item with digital characteristics.

5.4. If the goods do not conform to the above requirements upon receipt by the buyer, i.e., if they have a defect, the buyer may request its removal. The buyer may choose to request the delivery of a new defect-free item or the repair of the item, unless the chosen method of defect removal is impossible or disproportionately costly compared to the other method. This will be assessed, in particular, in view of the significance of the defect, the value that the item would have without the defect, and whether the defect can be remedied by the other method without significant difficulties for the buyer.

5.5. The buyer may request a reasonable discount or withdraw from the contract if:

    The seller refuses to remove the defect or does not remove it in accordance with legal regulations.
    The defect recurs.
    The defect is a material breach of the contract.
    It is apparent from the seller's statements or circumstances that the defect will not be removed within a reasonable time or without significant difficulties for the buyer.

5.6. If the buyer withdraws from the contract, the seller shall refund the purchase price to the buyer without undue delay after receiving the item or after the buyer proves that they have sent the item.

5.7. If a defect becomes apparent within one year of receipt, it is presumed that the item was defective at the time of receipt, unless the nature of the item or defect excludes it. This period does not run during the time when the buyer cannot use the item due to a defect if they asserted the defect rightfully.

Article 6
Quality Guarantee
6.1. If the seller provides a quality guarantee beyond their legal obligations, its enforcement is governed by this complaint procedure unless the confirmation of the seller's obligations arising from defective performance, the warranty certificate, or the contract specifies otherwise.

Article 7
Costs of Complaints and Dispute Resolution
7.1. If the complaint is recognized as justified, the buyer has the right to reimbursement of reasonable costs associated with asserting their right.

7.2. If the seller rejects the complaint as unjustified, the buyer, or, by agreement with the seller, both parties, can turn to a court-appointed expert in the field and request an independent expert assessment.

7.3. The buyer, who is a consumer, has the right to out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes if the fulfillment takes place on the territory of the Czech Republic; in other cases, only if the fulfillment is related to business activities conducted in the territory of the Czech Republic. The entity authorized to conduct out-of-court settlement of disputes is the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, with its registered office at Štěpánská 567/15, 120 00 Prague 2, ID: 000 20 869, website: https://adr.coi.cz/cs. The platform for online dispute resolution is available at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr for resolving disputes between the seller and the buyer from the purchase contract. Further information is available on the website www.coi.cz.

7.4. Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes under 7.3. is initiated exclusively at the consumer's request. The proposal can be submitted no later than 1 year from the date when the consumer asserted their right, which is the subject of the dispute, to the seller for the first time.

This Complaints Procedure is effective from January 1, 2024.

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